​Advantages of Diesel Air-Cooled Generators

For so many years, diesel air-cooled used generators have been in use and they have been known to be easily adaptable, reliable, and quite cheap. The output of this class of generators, with respect to initial cost and maintenance, are what that makes them one of the preferred alternatives for power generators across the globe. Besides low costs, the generator simple design guarantees the adaptability of used generators to any kind of environmental conditions such as cold, extreme heat, and dust, while making use of a cooling process that is constantly and sufficiently available.

Diesel-powered used generators can be adjusted to blend with virtually any application of any kind. The following industries usually make use of air-cooled diesel generators.

  • Agriculture
  • Backup Power Source (majority of backup power sources are used generator set)
  • Construction
  • Main Power Source
  • Maritime Operations or Ships (the most common engines on ships in all part of the world are air-cooled diesel engine units)
  • Medical Field (make use of used diesel generators vs. new diesel generators)
  • Military (due to the resistance air-cooled diesel generators have to various environment conditions, they are most preferred)
  • Mining and Forestry
  • Oil Production
  • Pumping Stations or Irrigation Operations (air-cooled diesel or used generator engine components are best for rarely used waste or septic water systems).
  • Refrigeration (due to the open design of air-cooled diesel generator systems, they are most preferred)
  • Rental Property (the best rental property option is used generators due to their costs and benefits)
  • Stand Alone Pre-fabricated Buildings (Used diesel generators have become the most popular choice for pre-fabricated remote buildings due to their low long-term maintenance)
  • Telecommunications


  1. They have very efficient design: Every used generator need a cooling component. Radiators, water pump, temperature gauge, or water hoses are not required for an air-cooled diesel engine or generator. There is nothing like coolant to leak, freeze, boil, evaporate, cause corrosion or become contaminated in the engine’s cooling system. For the reason that the cooling system is simple, it is less disposed to cause system failure, minimizes general downtime, and requires less short-term engine maintenance. Since an air-cooled diesel generator doesn’t have a radiator system, the costs are minimized in packaging, shipping, and housing it requires less space.
  2. Running on Diesel Fuel: Used generators make use of less fuel in general than other natural gas generators units, because they used diesel as their source of fuel. The fuel of used diesel generator is safer to handle and more readily available, than other sources of fuel.
  3. Design is flexible: Because of the simple and reliable design of air-cooled diesel generators, they can be utilized to house various applications. The most important part is that, air-cooled diesel generators are used for critical long-run operations like maritime and navigational buoys, lighthouse, or telecommunications equipment. Disaster response teams working in disasters area usually make use of lightweight portable air-cooled diesel generators. Flood, earthquake, fire, or avalanche areas are usually full of dirt and debris which can easily block other used generators than air-cooled diesel generator systems. There are less rates of failure among air-cooled diesel generators because of their standalone capability. Air-cooled diesel generators are used for military operations because it has been proven to be reliable under battle conditions.
  4. Efficiency of operation: The major advantage that used diesel generators have over other class of engines is that, they operate at higher operating temperatures and the engines quickly warm-up. This considerably minimizes cylinder bore, and piston or piston ring wear. Running used diesel generators at a very high temperature reduces the lubricating oil sludge, most especially in short-term cases. The rapid warm-up time of air-cooled diesel engine allows the engine to take its full load capacity faster than water-cooled engines.
  5. Easy installation: Like liquid-cooled generators, air-cooled diesel generators installations are fairly easy to carry out, but air-cooled diesel generators are less susceptible to vibration failures. Air-cooled and liquid-cooled diesel engines require clean and cool air for combustion and secondary cooling, aeration, exhaust piping, mounting racks and guards on hot and rotating engine parts.

There is no equality among used generators. It is imperative to carry out research and conclude on the project scope, price, and long-term usage of the air-cooled diesel engine before you buy it. Every used generator should be well-inspected and also maintained by a certified specialist of air-cooled diesel engine in accordance to the directed working standards.